how to wear short necklaces with winter clothes

How to wear your necklaces with winter clothes

Have lots of short necklaces that you only wear in warm weather with your open-neck tops? 

Well stop that! 😂

You can wear your shorter pieces in cold weather. 

You've got 3 options:

1. Wear the necklace right over your turtleneck or other high neck top (see photos below).

2. Tuck the necklace under the collar (this can work with cowl-necks too if the chain is long enough).

3. Have the chain lengthened so it's long enough to wear with big, broad, collars. (This isn't always possible, depending on where you got your necklace)

Pictures are worth a thousand words though, so let me show you what I mean:

Here's a short chain (appr. 16" with a 2" extension) worn under the turtleneck:
Same necklace worn over the turtleneck:
This is a very short necklace (14" with a 2" extension) worn with a turtleneck (still stunning, right??):
Now here's a necklace that's gorgeous with an open neck top, but you can see here how you can make it work in winter too, when you want to wear your cool Boho jewelry to cheer you up on those gray winter days! 
You can even wear a double strand necklace such as this one, where the shorter strand is almost choker length (appr. 13"). Just tuck it in under that turtleneck and you're good to go:
Last example of a beautiful chain that you'd normally show off on a bare neck, but you can just as beautifully show it off on a turtleneck!
So go ahead and enjoy ALL your jewelry pieces year-round. 
You only live once, so enjoy what you have as much as you can! 🥰

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