You're always looking for jewelry that expresses who you are and makes you stand out in a crowd, am I right?

You love being different and getting compliments on your unique jewelry and clothes. 

That's why I've been designing and creating distinctive jewelry pieces for more than 25 years. 

Handmade, totally awesome pieces, that are exclusive to you and that you can only get from a designer (not mass-produced and sold in big-box stores).

Because you and I - we just don't do boring.

My passion is steampunk fantasy fashion, and I also love the romance of Victorian/Edwardian old-world styles.

So I blend them all to create sparkling, magical jewelry pieces that can infuse our lives with a bit of magic and enchantment.  

(You can see in my social posts that I surround myself with enchantment as often as I can. My house is full of dragons, faeries, candles, antiques, and everything else magical.)

Many of my customers have become friends, and I love getting to know my kindred spirits!

You can always Email me here with any questions or requests you may have. 😊


 ***P.S. - I've also studied interior design and professional theater makeup, but my love of jewelry has won out big-time!

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