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How to care for your Rachel Flam Design jewels

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Caring for your handmade pieces will ensure that you can keep wearing them for many years.

I have pieces I created 20+ years ago that I'm still wearing and look the same as the day I made them. 

Since most of the components undergo an antiquing process (oxidization), I always suggest taking off your jewelry before getting into the shower or bath, and definitely before going for a swim. 

Chlorine and other chemicals in pool water will ruin your magical pieces. 

Ocean salt water is also too abrasive for these pieces.

Here is what you SHOULD DO:

* Be gentle with your handmade jewelry. Treat it with as much love and respect as you treat everything you love and care about.

* I suggest keeping it in the original gift box I sent it in, to protect it from getting tangled with other pieces.

Wear it in good health for many years to come.

What NOT to do:

*  Do not swim in ocean water or chlorinated water (pool water) while wearing your handmade jewelry. This will damage the beautiful antiqued finish of the metal.

* Don't shower with your jewelry on. While a little bit of water won't harm the jewelry, lots of water, soap, and shampoo, might ruin the finish over time.

* Do not attempt to bend or reshape it.

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