Why does Rachel Flam Design jewelry cost so much?

 There's actually no such thing as "cheap jewelry"... 


 Sure, you can buy jewelry at any price point - the problem is that someone is paying the difference, even if it isn't you. 

Sadly, we have a distorted impression of the true cost of our jewelry.

"Affordable" jewelry is most often made overseas for pennies on the dollar, by people who make such a low wage they often have to work 12 hour days, 6 days a week, separated from their families.

Here's why Rachel Flam Design is different:


Rachel Flam Design jewelry is handmade in Long Island, NY.

Whether I have one employee or ten, a fair wage is always guaranteed - as are safe working conditions.

These are my core values, and will never change.


I use Swarovski®️ crystals which are world-renowned for their quality and brilliance.

They cost more than any other crystals I could use, but their durability and lifetime value is unparalleled.

These crystals will keep sparkling for decades, which means you can hand down your jewelry to future generations.


Actually, Rachel Flam Design jewelry doesn't cost as much as cheaper alternatives.

When you compare the cost of how many times you'll wear Rachel Flam Design pieces (for decades-see customer reviews), compared to pieces you buy at large chain stores - Rachel Flam Designs actually cost less because they last so much longer.

That's a win for your wallet AND a win for your future generation hand-me-downs!

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