Cat Moon Chandelier Earrings
Cat Moon Chandelier Earrings
Cat Moon Chandelier Earrings
Cat Moon Chandelier Earrings
Cat Moon Chandelier Earrings
Cat Moon Chandelier Earrings
Cat Moon Chandelier Earrings
Cat Moon Chandelier Earrings
Cat Moon Chandelier Earrings
Cat Moon Chandelier Earrings

Cat Moon Chandelier Earrings

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Do you accept returns?

I do! 

Please contact me within 30 days of delivery so I can help you out.

I'll then email you your return label. 

Please send the jewelry back in the original gift box you got it in.

If you still have the protective bubble wrap I used, I'd appreciate if you could wrap the jewelry to protect it on its journey back.

You'll get a refund for the purchase price of the item(s) once I receive them and confirm that they are in their original and undamaged condition.

My return policy lasts 30 days. If 30 days have passed, unfortunately I won't be able to offer you a refund or exchange.

But - always feel free to email me to see if I can help you in any way! 

Read my return policy here.

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Why should I buy my jewelry from you?

Having a personal relationship with your jewelry designer is special. I love the friendships I make with my customers. Some have even become friends!

When you buy from me, you know you can reach out to me and that I'm here for you with any questions, needs, support, and pretty much anything else...

Each piece I design and create is handmade by me and is completely unique and exclusive to YOU. 

If you fall in love with a piece but want something slightly different - just ask and I'll let you know if it can be done! 

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What metals do you use?

Most metals are antiqued pewter/silver and brass/gold, which means the metals are oxidized to give them an antiqued Old-world patina. Sometimes I do use metals that are not oxidized like rose gold.

I do offer options for ear wires if you're allergic such as gold filled, sterling silver, surgical steel, and clip ons. You can choose your preference in the drop down list of every earring.

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What is gold filled (vs gold plated)?

I only use gold filled ear wires (not gold plated) so that you get the best quality available. 

This blog post explains the difference. 

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Gift wrapping and packaging

You don't need to ask for special gift wrapping. I send your jewelry in a beautiful gift box that will be completely ready for gift-giving. And if you bought it for yourself, that's a gift too! :-) 

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How should I care for the jewelry I purchase from you?

I send care instructions with every order so you'll know what to do and what not to do to make sure your jewelry lasts many years.

Read this blog post for the instructions 

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What are your ear wire options?

You can order your earrings with antiqued brass or silver ear wires, gold filled ear wires, sterling silver ear wires, surgical steel wires, or clip-ons. 

The surgical steel posts are 316L implant grade surgical steel and are intended for use on the body.

Customers with metal allergies do well with the surgical steel ear wires.

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Inches to centimeter conversions

My measurements are in inches. Here is the cm length conversion for your convenience:

1" = 2.54cm

1.5" = 3.8cm

2" = 5.08cm

2.5" = 6.35cm

3" = 7.62cm

3.5" = 8.9cm7" = 17.8cm14" = 35.5cm

16" = 40.64cm

18" =45.72cm

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Can I customize a piece of jewelry?

Depending on the piece, I can sometimes modify a piece for you.

Click here to email me and I'll do my very best to help you get exactly what you want!

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How long have you been designing jewelry?

I began designing in my early 20's, so that's more than 25 years now.

 My designs have been sold in upscale boutiques in over 100 stores along the United States East Coast and internationally as well. 

Read more about me (Rachel Flam) here.

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How can I get free shipping?

For a free shipping coupon, join the Enchanted Circle VIP member group right here. 

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What's the best way to contact you Rachel?

Just click here to email me or email

Enchanted Celestial Symphony Chandelier Earrings

The Whimsy of Steampunk Gears

♠️ At the very top of these mesmerizing chandelier earrings, are small steampunk gears that symbolize the delicate balance between the mystical and the mechanical, setting the stage for an enchanting journey.

Embracing the Silver Moon's Radiance

♠️ Gracefully dangling from the gear is a lustrous silver-tone filigree moon, radiating ethereal charm.

This celestial beauty becomes the stage for a captivating spectacle—a golden-tone cat poised upon a smaller moon, casting a spell of enchantment and mystery.

The Golden Fairy Dance

♠️ Beneath the lunar wonders, a golden fairy graces the scene, her ethereal form suspended in mid-dance. The delicate craftsmanship that brings this fantasy world to life is evident in each element of these stunning earrings.

Swarovski®️ Crystals: Infused with Vitrail Medium Magic

♠️ Infusing enchantment into every nook and cranny of these extraordinary earrings are Swarovski®️ crystals in the enchanting vitrail medium. Like scattered stardust, these crystals reflect a spectrum of colors, adding a touch of magic to every glance.

Moons, Cats, and Fairies

♠️  The moon symbolizes mystery, cycles, and feminine energy, while the cat represents intuition, independence, and magic.

The fairy embodies the spirit of wonder, transformation, and the delicate balance between the seen and the unseen.

Together, they weave a tale of enchantment and allure.

For the Woman Who Dances in the Moonlight

♠️ These chandelier earrings are tailored for the woman who embraces her inner enchantress, dancing with the moonlight and reveling in the magic woven into everyday existence.

She exudes boldness, free-spiritedness, and radiates an aura of mystery. With her hair flowing freely, these earrings seamlessly become an extension of her enchanting presence, commanding attention with every step.

Let these Enchanted Celestial Symphony Chandelier Earrings accompany you on a magical journey, where fantasy and elegance intertwine in a dance of celestial beauty.

The tech stuff:

♣  About 3.5″ long, these beauties will be seen even when you wear your hair down.

♣ Ears not pierced? I offer clip ons as well as gold filled. 
Not sure what gold filled is? Click here to learn more

 Choose your preferred ear wire: I offer antiqued gold and silver, surgical steel, gold filled, and clip on ear wires for non-pierced ears.

This is a Rachel Flam Design handmade original

♠️ I create new designs all the time. Click here to get an email as soon as I release new beauties

 I accept returns within 30 days. Read my return policy here

 Want free shipping? Get it here

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I absolutely love this one of kind necklace! Not only is it more beautiful in person, but it arrived in two days. I will definitely be checking back for more goodies!